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The feed lectures which took place this year has taught me a great deal. Especially how things should not be done. All three architects had done some very adaptive structures which one could not help but admire. But the common shortcoming which all the three of them faced was the presentation which they gave was not free flowing, unsystematic and hardly engaging. Shirish berry sir, with all due respect, was emphasizing mostly on what his thinking is and what he perceived. The movie too was too vague and general without any solid statement and the narrator was asking too many questions to which the answers of a good architect are obvious. Ar Das also had done some great projects but the way he showed them was scanty and disorganized. The projects by Ar jimmy lim were an excellent example of how an architect should be sensitive about the site and climate but having decent aesthetics and universal appeal. But the presentation was a bit lengthy and slightly dull in the latter part. And Kudos on switching the venue for the Ar Lim program.
-- By malay deshmukh
This is regarding the feed program on the 5th of jan. 2008 which was a presentation cum performance by Mr.Arvind Gupta ( toymaker & tinkerer ). What an enchanting performance...!! Absolutely phenomenal and eye-opening statements made by Mr.Gupta. Touched the tear buds of numerous pairs of eyes. Never heard such repetitively deafening claps in a FEED Auditorium before. A man that practices what he preaches...! He actually wants his knowledge and experience to reach even the poorest of the masses and is trying hard n effectively for the same...
-- By Rathin M. Deshpande
16th dec. 2008 I as architecture student allways attend many presentations by wellknown architects, appericiate and learn about the structure,form and materials etc. but today attending the presentation by Ar. Cengiz Bektas, Istanbul, Turkey. I understood how much the soul of the structure is important... as well as the sociological aspects plays a very important role in design...
-- By Gaurav Dilip Arbooj
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