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GREAT! It was my first visit to FEED Forum for Ar.B.V.Doshi's lecture and i am sure this forum will change architecture in many ways.
-- By kapil sedani
" FEED" keeps us feeding the information / knowledge and experience of different personalities helping us to grow along.......
-- By Kapil Sedani
Yesterday's Rescreened Presentation on Ar Anant Raje was truly mesmerising. Though we had heard Raje a few times at CEPT, the lecture screened yesterday truly made an impact on the soul to reflect & understand the values of the True Architecture, Raje built in his lifetime.
-- By Ar. Hrishikesh Ashtekar
After attending program like yesterday (Tribute to Ar. Raje), I feel that 5years of architecture is just 1% of architecture we have learnt. There is so much way ahead we have to go to really understand 'the truth'. The Great architect at that point of his life says ' I am trying to know the truth'; I wonder even if we will be able to come even till the half line of this journey or not!! Sir, thank you for at least revealing us to these architects and their philosophies. Sometimes I wish if I were born a little earlier.... These lectures really make us think. I am glad I am part of this exploration journey.
-- By Rakshada Rode
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