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Events for Year : 2007 - 2008
108 07/07/2007 "Works of Jimmy Lim Architects" Ar. Jimmy Lim, Malaysia
109 08/07/2007 "Interactive Session with International Architect & Aga Khan Award Winner Ar. Jimmy LimIn Collaboration with N. I. A. S. A.  &  C. D. S. A. Ar. Jimmy Lim, Malaysia, Co-ordinated by Ar. Pushkar Kanvinde, Ar. Prasanna Desai, Ar. Kalpana Hadap.
110 04/08/2007 "Beyond Visual Architecture" Presentation of Works & A Short Film-"The Unfolding White" Ar. Shirish Beri, Kolhapur
111 30/08/2007
"Architecture of Contextual Multiplicity"
Ar. S. K. Das, New Delhi
112 10/09/2007 "Le Corbusier & Louis Kahn" The Acrobat & The Yogi of Architecture. In Collaboration with B. N. College of Architecture Ar. B. V. Doshi, Ahmedabad
113 02/10/2007 "Algorithmic Design" Ar. Makoto Sei Watanabe, Japan
114 05/01/2008 "The Toy Story" Mr. Arvind Gupta, Toy Maker & Tinkerer, Pune
115 09/02/2008 "An Inconvenient Truth" An Academy Award-winning documentary film about climate change and global warming. In association with Praj Foundation, Pune.  Prefaced by Mr. Vinayak Kelkar
116 16/02/2008 "Works of Khareghat and Associates" Ar. Tehmasp Khareghat, Mumbai
117 14/03/2008 "Works of Romi Khosla Design Studio" Ar. Romi Khosla, New Delhi
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