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Events for Year : 2005 - 2006
84 25/06/2005 "Works of M/S B. S. Bhooshan & Associates" Ar. Dr. B. S. Bhooshan, Mysore
85 08/07/2005 "Thesis Jury with Ar. Uttam Jain" In Collaboration with Allana College of Architecture, Pune Ar. Uttam Jain, Mumbai, Co-ordinated by Ar. Narendra Dengle, Pune
86 09/07/2005 "Lecture cum Slide Presentation by Ar. Uttam Jain" Ar. Uttam Jain, Ahmedabad
87 10/07/2005 "Dialogue with Ar. Uttam C. Jain" Ar. Uttam Jain, Ahmedabad & Ar. Narendra Dengle, Pune
88 30/07/2005 "One - O - One Taiwan Visit" Ar. Ravi Gadre, Pune
89 27/08/2005 "IUCAA's Architecture from an Astronomer's viewpoints" Prof. Jayant Narlikar, Pune.
90 28/08/2005 "Indian Institute of Interior Designers Presents "Sharing Our Journey" Ar. Parul Zaveri, Ar. Nimish Patel, Ahmedabad
91 27/09/2005 'In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones" Film Directed by Pradeep Krishen & Screenplay by Arundhati Roy, New Delhi.
92 24/12/2005 "My Architect - A Son's Journey" Film by Nathaniel Kahn
93 06/01/2006 "Concept of Space in Tradition Indian Architecture" Ar. Yatin Pandya, Ahmedabad
94 07/01/2006 "Innovation in Green Architecture" Ar. Gerard da Cunha, Goa
95 04/03/2006 "Architecture of Japan" Ar. Sanjay Patil, Nashik
96 18/03/2006 "Films on Architectural Appreciation" Ar. Narendra Dengle, Pune.
97 11/04/2006 "Pedagogigal Transition" Ar. Hiranti Welandwe, Sri Lanka.
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