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Events for Year : 1999 - 2000
1 07/07/1999 "Kanvinde's Journey in Architecture" - Dialogue with Ar. A. P. Kanvinde Ar. A.P. Kanvinde, New Delhi & Ar. Narendre Dengle, Pune
2 06/08/1999 "Chalo Paris" Ar. Jayant Dharap, Ar. Sanjeev Joshi & Ar. Ravi Gadre, Pune
3 10/09/1999 "Interact" - Sharing the Professional Training Experiences Interactive Sessions with Final Year B. Arch Students
4 25/09/1999 "Parivartan" - A Personality Development Lecture Dr. George Judah, Management Consultant, Pune.
5 10/01/2000 "Works of Ar. Joseph Allen Stein" Ar. Meena Mani, New Delhi
6 04/02/2000 "Architecture of Italy" - Rome, Venice & Florence Ar. S. B. Thorat, Pune.
7 27/02/2000 "Kay Ngee Tan & KNTA" Ar. Tan Kay Ngee, Singapore.
8 04/04/2000 "Film Week - Urban Insights" City Map, The Rain, The Crazy Ray, Happy Anniversary, Calcutta 71.
9 05/04/2000 "Film Week - Urban Insights" Bicycle Thieves - Italy
10 06/04/2000 "Film Week - Urban Insights" The Incident - U.S.A
11 07/04/2000 "Film Week - Urban Insights" Dodeska Den - Japan
12 14/04/2000 "Roti Kapda Aur Architecture" - A Film by I. M. Chisti Prof. Ar. Iftakhar Mulk Chisti, New Delhi.
13 12/05/2000 "In the Shoes of the Great Architects" : A Design Workshop understanding,Tado Ando, Geoffrey Bawa, Le Corbusier, Nari Gandhi, Frank O Gehry, Michael Graves, Ricardo Legorretta Abhijit De, Narendra Dengle, Prasanna Desai, Girish Doshi, Ravi Gadre, Madhav Joshi, SanjeevJoshi & Nachiket Patwardhan, Pune
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